A decline in Youth’s Sporting Activities?

Remember those childhood days when we
used to burst out of our homes, the moment clock ticked 4 in the evening.
With a cricket bat flying high, shouting and cheering with excitement?
Those were the days when we or our kids were actively involved in Sporting activities.


We just couldn’t care for anything that would have stopped us from
reaching out to the playgrounds.

Those were for sure the best moments of our childhood.

Remember, when we came home sweating, with a big grin of a winner on our
face and the scolding we got from our parents everyday for coming home late?


Well we don’t see much of that anymore.


Are the children not excited anymore?

Those shouts, those cheers, those matches, those fights, are they lost
somewhere in the modern world? With the world busy in finding an optimized
solution to almost everything has done more damage
than good for sports.



Introduction to gaming centersXboxPlay stationsVRs, etc., have changed
the very foundation of sports.

Earlier the children would have come home from school and would be dying
to go outside and play, but now they would prefer to sit in their rooms with
their eyes in front of the smart phones or laptops.


Playing outdoors is not just a hobby; it is more of
necessity for better growth and
all round development of our body.



There is a concept that is new to the world –

Though it may sound
like some actual sport but it is nowhere the same. It is simply electronic
sports, or a fancy word for online gaming. ESports is new and
entertaining, and youth like new and entertaining things.

Thus, they are drawn to what eSports has to offer.

Clearly the eSports world is going full speed ahead, and it is
taking the world’s youth with it. 




Talking statistically about 45% of kids played a team
sport regularly in 2008 according to Aspen Institute data. In 2016 the number
was reduced to 37%.




Percentages of children who participated in
high calorie burning sports has seen a drastic change.


Yes, it is a necessity to be digitally involved in our lives, since the
world around us is almost transformed in technology. However, we forget
that this keeps us indoors, glued to our smart devices, taking a toll on our
We need to remember that along with our minds, our bodies need some real
physical activity as well. Apart from just our minds ‘sweating’, we need to
have some real sweating too.

It’s not only the Gym we’re referring to here. It’s the need to involve at
least one sporting activity. This adds not just discipline,
teamwork, intensity, but even that adrenaline rush you need to keep your energy
levels up. Also, more friends!
And a regular sporting activity also results in more hunger. Which means
increased intake of proper nutritious home-cooked food.
All this results in an overall development and actual growth and well being
of our body’s health.


Team sports help teach adults accountability,
dedication, leadership and other important skills. It not just keeps you fit
and healthy but helps in relieving stress and boosting self esteem.

So go out and play because Sports does not builds
your character, it reveals it.







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