Skillovate @ Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Mumbai

I wandered everywhere, through cites and countries wide. And everywhere
I went, the world was on my side.

– the essence of Skillovate’s journey over time.


Riding on the wheels of success, this time it was

Rustomjee Cambridge
International School
 where we pulled our breaks.



The response of the students and teachers was phenomenal.
We were greeted
nearly 400 students who were ready to be thrilled, by
what was about to come.


A series of events were organized that challenged young minds to think
out of the box while having fun.


‘City connect’ : Skillovate’s on-ground game, that needs the player to
connect all homes in the game, in the shortest way possible
, was a big hit.


Students had their best time, teeing up in teams and solving the
challenge. There wasn’t a better way they would have learnt the importance of
team work.

We had age appropriate puzzle cards for kids, which attracted a decent crowd.
These cards contained discount coupons that could be redeemed by
giving solutions to the puzzles.

What could one possibly ask for?

A day off studies, fun, exciting games and above all, prizes. These
little kids, in their cute little dresses were the main highlight.


After that we conducted some technical events introducing the concept
of making gamesanimations and stories from
‘Scratch’, a free block based programming application for kids, created by MIT college of the USA.


 We gave the interested students an insight of how stuff works and
they were excited about the new concepts
and the things they created on their



And to snap and save every moment, every emotion
and every participant of the event, we had an Instagram mock up.


A handful of happy moments of the day, spent for spreading happiness and
knowledge. We captured many faces from a lot different classes, from kids to
young boys and girls, from our team members to the teachers of the school.


But one thing was common to all of them, their flawless smiles, which indeed was
the best reward for us.


Well, in summary, Rustomjee Cambridge
International School was a delight
. The students were awesome, the
atmosphere was thrilling, the staff was supportive and we did enjoy ourselves
with these fantastic people who were ten times as lively as they look in the

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