-words by Ashi Kesarwani WHAT IF NOT AN ENGINEER OR A DOCTOR? Many times we get irked by the habit of questioning and reasoning that our children possess. The questions asked by your children are nothing but an outburst of their latent interests that oozes out in the form of their inquisitiveness. It is not

To Teach is to Learn Twice!

quality education
-Words by Kartikey Joshi As quoted by Nelson Mandela – “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”.   Let us understand the importance of quality education by a small example. “If you give a man a fish, it will be enough to feed him for a day, but

The Skillovate Mars kids workshop

Recently, we at Skillovate, organised a hands-on workshop, on influencing young children to learn using STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) learning. The theme of the workshop was Mars a.k.a ‘the red planet‘, which sits next to our planet the earth on fourth place in our solar system. Recent efforts to colonize Mars were also
Remember those childhood days when we used to burst out of our homes, the moment clock ticked 4 in the evening. With a cricket bat flying high, shouting and cheering with excitement? Those were the days when we or our kids were actively involved in Sporting activities.   We just couldn’t care for anything that would
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