-words by Ashi Kesarwani WHAT IF NOT AN ENGINEER OR A DOCTOR? Many times we get irked by the habit of questioning and reasoning that our children possess. The questions asked by your children are nothing but an outburst of their latent interests that oozes out in the form of their inquisitiveness. It is not

A Gender Neutral education

Making education gender neutral We have been constantly working to overcome the social evils that are prevalent in our society, but it is a bitter truth to gulp down that these efforts are not enough. Gender inequality is one such issue that has rooted itself so strong that it has started affecting our day to

Selfie : An Obsession?

Selfie : an obsessive reflection of the society When Joseph Nicephore Niepce took the first photograph in 1814, he never thought that photographs would undergo such catastrophic transformations in near future. Earlier photographs were merely treated as a tool to capture moments and memories worth remembering, but today we have a different definition of photographs! 

A vocational education?

‘Vocational-ization’: the need for the hour What is more important to get a job? A degree that just symbolizes your educational status or skills that are particularly required for the job? Undoubtedly, it is more important for you to have skills for the job that you desire. The need for the hour is to aware
Give your spine a break, don’t let it break! Studies reveal that an average person spends around 23 days in a year and 3.9 years of their entire life on a smartphone. Smartphones and tablets have become an irresistible part of our daily lives. Though smartphones and tablets have made our lives quick and easy
-Words by Ashi Kesarwani                     Success stories of  amazing women entrepreneurs     Entrepreneurial skills can be God gifted, but many times they thrive out of hit and trial methods. The number of prevalent female entrepreneurs are at our fingertips but lesser we are concerned about the obscure

Is Technology getting out of hand?

-Words by Kartikey Joshi   Do you think technology is getting out of hand? When was the last time you spent a day, without using your phone, computer or TV? When was the last time, you were able to keep off, from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Let us be honest and agree that we humans
-Words by Kartikey Joshi   What after 12th? Engineering of course? But why? “I don’t know, because everyone’s doing it!” Yes, this is going to be the reason for the upcoming crisis that we are headed to. Engineering is a prestigious branch of science dealing with technology concerned with design, building and use of machines,

5 Best things to do this Summer!

-Words by Kartikey Joshi     Summer vacation is the time when kids get long holidays and parents do not get the same privilege of course. There are lots of things that kids and parents do to engage their child productively and rather keep them pumped up during the boring days like visiting to ancestral
-Words by Kartikey Joshi Science and Math are the life and blood of the future! It is nothing but an image of the truth. It is the definition of creativity, the hope that there is better. There are not enough words to describe the importance of science and mathematics since our existence. We would be