Why should your child learn to code?

Fall in love with coding
It’s quite possible that you spend a lot of time with the technological marvels present around you.
But, have you ever wondered that these technological marvels we use everyday have been made possible into reality by one and only one thing — programming or computer skill 

What is programming one may ask—Is it writing code or doing something else?

 'Scratch', a software designed by MIT labs of the USA

(Coding blocks used in ‘Scratch’, a software designed by MIT labs of the USA, to teach kids how to code, so that they’re able to understand the real code language used to create real-world applications.)

The Skillovate Coding Camp will use ‘Scratch’. The reason being to introduce coding to kids, such that they would enjoy learning it and improve their computer skill rather than feel fearful in the first attempt. We strive to see our kids become best friends with Computer Science, and bring a revolution in our Education standards in the coming years.
One could write computer instructions to perform some specific tasks on the computer, can build musical rhythms or can optimize mathematical equations to select the best element from a particular domain.

This is a very diverse and popular area.


The best application of programming, in general, is found in the field of computers i.e., Computer Programmingwhich is an act to instruct a machine to perform a specific activity according to the needs of the user or in this context, the ‘programmer’.

Today’s computers are shipped with immense computing power, a power so much that they could perform hundreds of billions of advanced computations within a snap of a finger.
This programming involves activities such as
1. Analyzing,
2. Understanding,
3. Building optimized algorithms, and
4. Implementation (coding) of algorithms
in a target programming language.
The algorithm building phase is one of the most crucial phases of programming regardless of the end product.
It is one of the core part of software development and hence must involve a good level of precision and knowledge in the area.

Furthermore, consider a computer as just a dumb tool to perform many repetitive tasks efficiently. It cannot analyze a problem and come up with a solution on its own.
This is where we, the humans win the race, being skilled at analyzing and solving problems. Learning computer skill at an early age becomes a real asset to lifetime and these camps have been proven to provide so.
Around the globe, many communities have been organizing Code Camps to facilitate young minds to get started with learning computer skill to build precise algorithms, implement optimized code and execute under quick feedback by on-site mentors

This is a great way to shape their minds, in order to build something for their society’s betterment while paving the road, to their career in software development.


We, at Skillovate strive to enhance computer skiil of  growing children according to the current trends in the technology.
Our team has been working forward each day,
to mentor this generation to build future-proof solutions for their society.

This April, our team would be organizing a code camp for your kid in order to mentor them for their way ahead in life. It will be for 6 days, for children ages 4 to 14. Have a look at the photographs above, from our previous code sessions!

We teach how to code, guiding each child to write and an overview of what goes on ‘behind-the-scenes’ of any code. If one looks at the technological statistics, it’s easily noticed and interpreted within a span of next 4-5 years, that this knowledge will become highly mandatory
in order to understand any relevant concept.

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