Is Modern Technology suitable for the Youth?!

Whether any technology is good

or bad depends on the people that create it, and especially how it’s used. 

Torben Friehe, ‘The Good Technology Creative



Technology, the invention of the human mind which is molding
this century to shape the future. It is creating sustainable solutions for the
next generations.


New ideas are consistently being turned
into reality.


From the first computer invented by Alan Turing to
decipher the enigma codes to the latest supercomputers equipped to solve
billions of advanced computations in a flick of a finger.







From traditional centralized transaction systems to completely
decentralized systems like Block-chain or ‘Net Neutrality‘,
technology has come a long way ahead to consistent improvements.

However, are these advances in the technology
really suitable for the youth? — let’s find out.

Like every coin has it’s
two sides, every entity comes with its good and bad influences over the
community. So is true with technology. Some people would say yes that it is
good for us and the other slice of people would definitely decline this


Steve Nelson at HuffPost writes,

This is a time of rapidly
diminishing, perhaps negative, returns on technological development.

At what point does miniaturization turn from convenience to silliness?

How many megapixels does anyone really need?

Do we not have sufficient apps?


Yes, children general find&nnbsp;coding sort of interesting,
and moving digital images around a screen is fun (also addictive), but is
any of it really important?” And, this appears to be completely accurate,
given the current situation of our society.


Programming applications for mobile devices
have become a 
self-renowned industry and the
stakes in the entire tech industry are booming at an uncontrolled and
immeasurable rate where everybody is a witness.


The good part is that this boom has led to insane growth in the tech
industry which I think is very important to the overall financial health of our



 According to recent statistics from Statistics
, the technology industry is one of the major contributors to the gross GDP of India.



As per a report by Gartner, it is predicted that by 2020,

more than 85% of the
work and customer interactions
 would be done and performed
without any influence of humans, using technologies like

Augmented Reality (AR) and Deep Learning implemented on machines. 


Even if Technology
is the basic ingredient of the present and future, we still have our doubts.

What happens when things go out of control?

Who is to blame
when something goes wrong – the machine or the developers?

What happens to us when the machines take our jobs
from us?


When asked by TNW, Torben Friehe,
the co-founder of Good Technology Collective says, “The answer could be that
all technology is bad in principle and we should go back to our caves, I don’t
know,” and adds laughing “if someone convinces me that’s the right approach, I
might live in a cave.”


The problem here is that there no concept of common voice or population
consensus to validate if this notion of people is right or wrong, leading to a
dilemma for the person to self-evaluate this himself.


One can think that the technology in itself is bad
or good

But, given a fixed time period to hone and
enhance itself, the technology can actually prove to be good for mankind.


Global statistics showed that by December 2017, about half the entire
world’s population was using the Internet and its services, which is very good
considering the low levels of Digital Literacy in people.

One has to look for the bigger picture in order to
understand this notion completely


Whether the technology is good or bad, 

depends on the people that
create it

— and, I think this is valid up to a point where the developers still
have some control over their products but when there are no restrictions or
boundaries to aspirations, the happiness starts to fade and takes the shape of
a world crisis.

This is what should not happen and has to be prevented at all



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