Kids in Robotics!

Every time we hear this word, we picture a 
metal body with glowing
 and a cool robotic voice which does unreal stuff.


We have grown up watching it in movies and TV shows hence we fantasize
about it the same way.


But what if we say you have been

living with robots your whole life?


Robots are NOT as complex as you think..



A robot is any machine that is
capable of performing various actions automatically using a control device

It basically has a processing center, which
helps it to observe and understand its environment. Also motors to help
move its limbs and wheels.


And robotics is a branch of technology that deals with the designconstructionoperation and application of


In simpler words any machine that is capable of reducing our physical
work by responding to our instructions, is a robot.


With the world heading towards modernization and digitization, many
things have got changed in revolutionary manner. Robots are everywhere and they
have taken over most of the today’s work. They can be created to help with jobs
and tasks that are important in businesses, medical care, cleaning and many
other areas. So people need to be made aware of the technologies being
introduced and how these can be implemented to make the best use.


Start them young!!


The foundation to robotics is best laid down from a young age. There are a
lot of programs and organisations for kids to guide them through the road to

One of the main reasons to teach robotics to children from a young age
(usually 6+), is because their brains are in the perfect condition to
observe well, learn, absorb and understand.


Companies also make material which is very kid-friendly, basic and yet
visually attractive and fun to help kids construct and operate their own simple


Children love it, when they have to 
spend time gathering materials
building things
doing teamwork, and 
being competitive!

Robotics happens to teach children, about a variety
of important skills, required in all aspects of life.


(Example of a basic 4 wheel robot, which has the
instruction code meant for movement purpose,
programmed directly into it’s data processing part, known

as the programmable circuit or ‘motherboard’.) 


Students get introduced to the mix of Science,
Engineering and Math.

The concept of programming is understood much
better, since the effect of the code is seen in the operation of the

This real-time output helps the kids observe the
output of code better.


Why should we teach kids Robotics?

1) Robots are the future.

2) Robotics teach kids to solve complex problems,

in small chunks.

3) Robotics teach kids golden life skills like

Spatial Awarenessmotor skills, and Engineering

4) Robotics inspire kids to work in teamsbrainstormimagine,
and build.


They can work on them after school or in their spare time, which can instill creativity and skill development.

Some useful sources are:


1. Books and LEGO toys : Books are the best
teachers and they contain huge amount of information and answers to your

Younger kids can start from LEGO toys as their first handmade robot


2. YouTube: The best platform to learn through
visuals and free of cost. A lot of videos are available on the YouTube in the
form of tutorials that teach from basic robotics to advance.


3. Robotics courses and workshops: There are lot of institutes country wide that provide paid courses on
robotics. They provide strong theory material with practical experiments. Many
colleges, schools and societies organize workshops to help you discover love
for robotics.


4. Online: There are great websites that have
free tutorials and information related to robotics.

Some examples are Make (,

that help the kids to interact with other kids worldwide to share and gain


(Students of the IIT-Bombay team, which built an
AUV [Autonomous Underwater Vehicle], for multiple purposes.
The robot, named ‘Matsya‘, was built around 2011 and 2012.
From military and rescue missions, to underwater oil pipeline and exploring
life underwater.)

All the above examples, try to describe all the benefits of teaching not
only Robotics, but even Programming and Computer Science fundamentals to kids
from the young, yet right age.

Kids along with their parents can try to build cool robotic masterpieces
using even daily household items.


Gone are those days when kids cried over toys
because the time has come when

kids build their own robotic toys to play with.



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