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Learning gone Virtual!

Knowledge is an endless sea,
in which the more you drownthe more you evolve.


Everything around us is changing rapidly, transportation, communication,
health care and many more.

Education is no exception. Earlier, most people believed that using
fancy technologies for imparting education was not a good idea.
However, the result of e-learning or virtual e-learning shown over the
years, made them change their minds.



So what is e-learning?

Simply put, e-learning is ‘electronic-learning‘, which typically
means to deliver all or part of a course digitally.
Whether it is in a school, part of your mandatory business training or a
distance learning course.

You would not believe, but there are actual things like
Virtual Colleges and Virtual Classroom Courses.


It includes the use of digital media and technology
for delivering learning experiences. Such an experience,
which attempts to simulate the real-word classroom learning process.


E-learning is completely web
, most of which is free of cost.
E-learning was created so that problems like busy
schedules, lack of money, remote locations etc could
be eradicated.

There are a-lot of benefits of e-learning.



Lesser Costs and Effective time utilization
Whether you work as a private employee or a daily wage
worker or you are a student, 
e-learning is compatible to everyone.

It is cheaper way of gaining knowledge and also you can learn while
sitting at your home.


Greater reach to remote areas

The statement speaks for itself. All you need is a computer and
internet connectivity and you are good to go

There are special rooms arranged to provide facility of conferencing
with the teachers of universities in remote areas.


Learn at your own place at your own pace

E-learning can be adjusted to meet your daily schedule so that whenever
you get time, you can start your studies. Also you can stop and resume from
here you left and even re-watch the same lecture. In other words 
you grow at your
own pace



There is a huge scope of E-learning in India,
especially for the Indian youths. E-learning has
opened new avenues to education in India and has changed the dynamics of educational content.


What seemed like a distant dream a few years back is India’s future
today. E-learning has surpassed challenges of reaching out to a varied
audience, overcome the non-availability of adequately qualified
teachers in rural India
making rich content available to an audience that was unreachable earlier.


Today, with changing times, basic education is taught with a single
computer in rural villages & has helped several children to get exposed to
primary levels of education.
It is the definition of digital India!


The rapidly increasing internet connectivity,
has been a 
golden catalyst, for the rise of 


A robust internet ecosystem, with a multitude of local and global
players, will help online learning make further inroads.
The story is not limited to schools alone.
Indian companies are adopting e-learning platforms as continuous
employee learning has become a strategic necessity.


A massive amount of users have access to the internet for the first time
from their smartphones, which is an ideal, personalized and commerce-enabled
platform for e-learning adoption.


India’s e-learning sector has shown a compounded
annual growth rate of 17.4% between 2013 and 2018,
twice as fast as the global average.


Aspects of Virtual E-learning

1. Live instruction : The instructor stays in one
location, and teaches many students in other locations.


2. Delivery of Video Content : Prerecorded
lectures and documentation, which can be viewed whenever needed.


3. Student-Student Interaction : Apart from student-teacher
interaction, the students could communicate with other students as well.


4. Remote Administration of Tests : Secure and timely delivery of
standardized tests.


 To conclude, e-learning boosts the standard of
educationliteracy and economic




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