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5 Reasons to join Skillovate!

Skillovate Learning Pvt. Ltd., is an IIT-IIM initiative, and a Pune based startup,
in the domain of Educational Technology.

Having the vision of getting
young kids skilled for the 21st century world.

Skillovate began with the initiative of bringing a real and relevant change in the Indian Learning System.
But how?

It is known to all that the young age of kids, is the most positively energetic and tension-free period of time. And kids manage to observe, absorb and understand information well. And even the curiosity is at its peak at this time.

This is the main reason why we at Skillovate, thought of injecting the awesomeness for learning into the kids’ lives when they’re still young and energetic!

So, why should your child join Skillovate?



Every child, a.k.a. ‘Skillovator’, learns to recognize and understand themselves better, with every session. We help them to discover their sparks and practice their efforts.
This lets their talent slowly transform into proper real-life skills

Skillovate has a rule, which is to pay attention to a child’s talents, no matter what they are, even if they are new to society. Yes, our core mission is to skill kids for the 21st century, in terms of Coding skills. And we, additionally, encourage kids to get involved with their own interests. 
E.g. Encouraging a child to get involved with their interest in Music or even Gaming, along with learning how to Code.
So they either learn to produce Music through code, or even develop Games through the same.


Our course material is developed in the form of activities or ‘projects’, where each teaches a real-life skill. Be it logical, creative, or even problem-solving skills, every activity makes sure that the child learns something new, in a fun way, such that the knowledge is never forgotten.

Image result for indian women educationDid we mention that we also encourage mothers to become entrepreneurs?
What this means is, any Woman or Mother,
who wishes to start or re-start their career as what we call an ‘educationist’, can join us too.
They could choose to make an impact 
in the education of kids.



Image result for indian women education


What happens as a result here, is that Women who join Skillovate, 
make an impact in the country’s education system; 
One child at a time.





Image result for satyam baranwal

Mr Satyam Baranwal, founder of Skillovate, also an IIT graduate, felt the strong urge to open a start-up, wherein he could make an impact on kids and give them the education they truly deserve.
He has had experience of over a decade, in the educational field.


Skillovate‘s vision is to skill the new generation in such a way, that they not only recognize their strengths and understand their personalities better but also get confident about their career interests.

We, at Skillovate, desire that India’s youth either blossom in their homeland, or else go abroad to flourish and come back home, to bring about a change, to develop their Nation.



Above are links to our online presence.
From our classes, to workshops and seminars, feel free to browse and we hope you decide to enroll your child or even join us as a Mentor Partner to help propagate our Vision throughout

Call us at 9 3258 6 3258 or mail us at in case you have anything to talk to about this.


Women in Higher Education Leadership –  British Council

Contributed by: Vatsal G (An engineer by degree and a musician by Heart)

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