Science, Arts, Commerce? Which way to go?!


One of the most important decisions of someone’s
entire career depends on 
choosing the suitable
 in high school.  


This leads to a bigger dilemma than one can
imagine, as to which stream to choose – 
ScienceCommerce or Arts.


But, which stream is the best?


A major factor contributing to the answer of this question could be
facilitated by asking oneself self-introspection-based questions such as,

What is your passion?

What do you really want to become? 

Where do you imagine yourself in the next decade?


These are some of the questions we always had an
answer to as a child but may struggle with as we grow older.


Approaching this important decision with these questions in mind is
incorrect and more often than not, a student would end up choosing the
wrong stream for themselves.


And thus, determining such a choice could turn out to be difficult which
is based less on the aggregate scored in previous examinations but more on the
actual passion of the individual based on a rigorous self-evaluation.


Self evaluation not only helps in
identify your strengths and weaknesses but also shapes the mind to take a
bold decision based on this evaluation.


 (‘Life 2.0 Mars’ workshop by Skillovate
at Cafe ABC, Pune)


However, at Skillovate we
believe that 
every stream is equally best in their own rights. They all possess a wide field of open opportunities.
What you need to know is about
yourself, and about your interest.


Many a times people don’t know really about
anything about their own interest or passion.
The present generation has been proven to be more parent-driven than
while the reverse case should have been in


However this is the current situation everyone had to deal with in there lives, no matter when or where.

The bitter truth is that we have never thought enough on this as one of
the most important decision of our life.



Students aiming to take admission in higher school should participate in
open discussions with their parents, teachers and siblings as this is one of
the most crucial decisions of their lives.

In most cases, a healthy discussion with seniors has been proven to be

And, most of time students are not wrong to confuse with what stream to
choose, as at this stage of life even their interest may take swings.

Given the scope in each stream, it completely
depends upon one’s ability, learning, thinking and efforts to take a strong decision
 and move ahead in that direction they had set up for themselves.



Let’s analyze each stream.



1. Commerce

The study of trade and business that encompass
each and every process and activity that takes place in any corporate or
commercial organization at any level.
Basically the activity of buying and selling things, especially on a large




2. Science

It involves the systematic study
and investigation of all natural phenomenons and
 by employing various structuring methods such as theory,
observation, experimentation, and so on.

It’s basically a systematically organized body of knowledge on any
particular subject.





3. Arts

Also known as ‘Humanities’ as a subject, is an
academic discipline which deals with the 
study of the Human
condition on a philosophical level
, utilizing the methodologies that
are usually analytical, critical or speculative.


Always remember, that the usual method of sending your child into any stream
based on their percentage in high school (10th), is highly incorrect.


By deciding the child’s career through their percentage, not
only does the child possibly end up in an unsuitable path, but the child
 misguided into believing that the path with the highest
percentage, is the best and the rest are worthless.

Every path matters.
It matters if the child fits the field.
Not if the field fits the child.




Every child has their own aptitude, their own uniqueness, their own inner skills. Be it a mathematical mind, an
artistic mind, or even a gaming mind. 
We should recognize and nurture the
uniqueness of the child’s mind, where the child stands out.

If your child has an interest or skill which stands out from the crowd,
it’s something to feel special about.


If everyone is going in one direction, it’s
okay to consider that direction, 

but it’s not necessary to follow it.


In India, we feel that if a child puts a-lot of efforts for something,
and slog it out, then only they will or can succeed. 



The truth is, if a child is properly guided to
realize their potential, and is 
able to grasp and excel in anything without putting an
overload of efforts
, then that is the perfect fit for your child. 



Since, we know that there are almost an infinite number
of career options
 available to pursue today, therefore, it becomes really important
that life choices like these should be 
carefully evaluated
 and then proceeded by taking well-reviewed decision.

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