“Skillovate has the right team, vision and resources to bring technology home to the kids…” – Skillovate Mentor Partner

“Technology will never replace great teachers,
but technology in the hands of great teachers, is transformational

– George Couros

Skillovate Mentor Partner

Every Year scores of female IT professionals exit the sector due to various reasons. These women are quite capable at technology, management & know the needs & requirements of the future industry. But the sector does not provide a re-entry route, so this potential gets unutilized. Women across the country, who have completed bachelorette courses, but didn’t opt to work in the private sector- is a resource with the enormous potential to spread technology & innovation. Teachers who are very capable at imparting knowledge to their students, but want to work in the future sciences, where they could enable their students to be ahead of their times. Women across India who want to bring a change in education, who want to bridge the gap between present teaching & future requirements, who aspire to kindle innovation among kids- Skillovate Learning brings Skillovate Mentor Partner opportunity for them.


Skillovate Mentor Partner

Mrs. Sulbha

What motivated you to become a  Skillovate Mentor Partner ?

I basically love teaching, and I am an avid learner ( student for life). As my kid started growing, he had varied interests. I also thought of exploring many areas which I had never tried. Robotics and coding being 2 of them. Early this year, my son started showing a lot of interest in coding through ‘Scratch’ and I felt the need to get trained myself, so that I could help him out. Skillovate is a good platform, which offered us exactly what we needed, so I grabbed the opportunity and joined as a Skillovate mentor partner.

Your thoughts on the role of technology for the future generation ?

The future age is of the computer age. With domains like AI on the rise, I feel it is extremely important that today’s generation is well versed with technology and not only knows how to use it, but also be ready to create it.

What do you like about Skillovate the most ?

As a parent, I feel Skillovate explains the things at grassroot level. The videos, books and tasks are quite child friendly, very carefully designed and planned. The progression in levels is also good.

Your favourite thing about being a Skillovate Mentor Partner ?

The joy on the kids faces and the sparkle in their eyes, once they understand a concept and are able to figure out the logic themselves. It’s really motivating and encouraging to keep doing more every single time.

How has your journey been ?

My journey so far has been fabulous. So many different type of students. So much creativity, so much potential that it really amazes me. I’m super happy to be in this team.

Skillovate Mentor Partner
Mrs. Ganga

What motivated you to become Skillovate Mentor Partner ?

Today, more than ever, the world is changing driven by the technology revolution. An average person has as much information at their disposal and fingertips.
The the entire learning paradigms are getting redefined.
Today’s kids are surrounded with tech-devices all over and have access to a mind-boggling set of resources. All this while, schools are still lagging behind while coping up with these changes and a new ecosystem. A new fabric of learning is yet to be cast in our society.
Tomorrow is being looked upon as the age of super-technology with robots, artificial intelligence, internet of things, space-rockets and what not.

How will the kids of today cope up with all these advancements?
They need to be equipped with the right concepts from the very initial years.
Being born in the digital age, Generation Z has the knack to pick up these technologies much faster than we, Generation X or Millennials. We have the onus to provide them with the right resources and facilities, wherein they are exposed to the latest technologies and get to play around it in order to grow comfortable with the same.
Being in the hi-tech industry for 13+ years and a homeschooling mom of a 9+ year old, I had all these ideas buzzing in my mind and was looking forward to do something in the field of eduTech.
That’s where, I happened to meet with Skillovate team and there was an instant meeting of minds. Skillovate has the right team, vision and programs to bring technology concepts in a fun and creative manner to Gen Z. I had no doubt, when I met them and attended their demo programs that this was the right platform for me to join as Skillovate Mentor Partner.

Your thoughts on the Role of Technology for future generation ?

Technology shall define the life of tomorrow. A quick look at today and we find our ever increasing dependence on gadgets a bit scary. Come tomorrow, it is set to increase. We shall need to make our future generation comfortable with it as technology is here to stay, like it or not.
There has to be a balance between a good use and a bad use of technology, right & wrongs are still in the process of (re)definitions in the paradigms of the new social digital world and next generation will be exposed to an entirely new set of challenges posed by rapid advancement of technologies.
The good part is – they are ready for it. Yes, we see kids picking up digital technology so naturally that once they get the right exposure and resources, they are bound to win it. We have the onus of equipping them with the most important skill of tomorrow – ” the skill to re-skill themselves on the Go”.

What do you like about Skillovate the most ?

Skillovate has the right team, vision and resources to bring technology home to the kids. Skillovate has invested efforts in identifying the right courses, preparing the material in a fun and creative way and is focussing to bring it to the kids, right in their neighborhood, keeping the costs minimal.
All these factors are very important to young kids and their parents since such resource centres have to be available in close vicinity cutting down the travel hazards and have to be affordable while igniting the young minds creativity quotient in a fun way.
Skillovate has attempted to address all these questions and is evolving itself taking regular feedbacks from its partners and students alike. I think this is very important for an organization which wants to grow organically i.e to remain connected at the ground with its audience and at the same time, maintain an eagle vision of higher vistas where it wants to lead its students to.

Your favourite thing about being a Skillovate Mentor Partner ?

I get lots of empowerment to do things quicker and bring new stuff to my students. The research team of Skillovate helps me pick up new resources and the marketing team of Skillovate helps me get the message to the audience. With the amazing teamwork and support, we all complement each other in order to bring the best in edu-tech to the young kids.

How has your journey been ?

My journey with Skillovate has been very satisfying till now. I have conducted few batches of varying grades and am extremely satisfied with what we, I and kids, could together achieve in those batches. The prime challenge, as I see right now, is the availability of umpteen number of courses in the market, which makes an average parent confused and unsure as to which ones they should enroll their wards in and which ones are a sheer expense of time. We shall need to consistently look and re-look at our offerings and programs with such a critical eye and will need to think creatively as how to stand out in the market as a distinctive value-added player.

Skillovate Mentor Partner

Mrs. Geetanjali

What motivated you to become a Skillovate Mentor Partner ?

I have worked as a faculty of Electrical Engineering and am used to sharing my knowledge of subjects on Electrical and Electronics Engineering to college level students. When I came across Skillovate mentor partner opportunity, I got surprised to know how they are imparting the same knowledge to a much younger generation. This made me lose all inhibitions & I decided to take up this new role.

Your thoughts on the role of technology for the future generation ?

Technology or machines are intended to accomplish tasks with minimum efforts & ease. So essentially now & in future , technology is & will play its role in making our lives easy & comfortable. Innovation in technology is going through big transformation where artificial intelligence, machine learning & robotics will play a vital role in changing the way we do things in day to day life.

What do you like about Skillovate the most ?

Skillovate provides the right environment for kids to develop their creativity & get a hands on experience. The age appropriate courses allow children to explore, solve problems and learn cool technologies. The workbooks are specially crafted & encourage active learning. In this way, Skillovate is trying to address the unfilled gaps left by our educational system.

Your favourite thing about being a Skillovate Mentor Partner ?

Being a Skillovate mentor partner of Skillovate is an opportunity for learning & staying connected with young children. Also gives the flexibility to work from the comforts of our home.

How has your journey been ?

The Skillovate team has been very helpful in providing full training and certification along with all the marketing support needed to get students.

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