The Future of Computer Science Jobs!

The future of Computer Science is certain
that it will continue to grow until eternity.


With its growth, one important thing grows too, the job openings in this
industry. It is evident since the inception of several technologies and
frameworks in this industry that the job opportunities tend to increase


This field is often considered as one of the
best career options due to its
welcoming opportunities.



Bureau of Labor
 has estimated that the jobs in software development and computer
science are expected to increase at a much higher rate than any other
occupations of any domain.


However, there is some skepticism towards this
growth. With technology continuously shifting itself, with it this sector
changes its faces too. And, learning computer science and its concepts will
somewhat make one shielded from this revolving dome’s impact.


Computer science is not just some mere lines of code running on a
computer for no reason.

It’s much more than that that its real nature can only be learned when
one actually tries to put their shoes into this direction.


The benefits of computer science go well beyond just knowing a
particular programming language or a framework.


This field teaches students

about logic,

understanding computer systems,

engineering and design basics,

all of which are
applicable to several career fields well distant from computer science itself.
Due to this, many students prefer taking computer science in
many higher education courses like engineering.


Maybe, this is why the recent data shows that learning computer science
and its associated concepts not only results in
higher achievement in
 but also helps in keeping the mind always running in a logical

 According to statistics, it has been predicted that the
Indian IT industry will
have a market size ofapproximately
US$117 billion for this

(IT industry market size statistics)


By 2020 it is assumed that the mankind
will rely even heavier on the machinery as it does now and due to this,
job openings are going to explode in this sector, well literally.


From feeding examples to a computer program, hence making it self-aware of what it should expect to come as input and how it must react according to that input (Machine Learning) to writing Artificial
Intelligence enabled systems
 – a super-set of machine
learning that is expected to design the outlook of the next generations,
computer science sure will need some manpower to model itself so that it can
run on its own for probably, the good of mankind.

After all in the end when the machines fall, it is
the human who will repair their bugs and errors.


However, what we are looking at today would not be even in the picture
of tomorrow.


Recent technologies like


Natural Language Processing,

Containerized Systems and

Microservices have
significantly changed the way how things had been working all along.


It has been predicted that when the Web 3.0 comes, it is going to
revolutionize every industry known to humankind so far.
Artistic and other non-IT sectors will need more
complex Computer Science as the basic ingredient to function.

And with it will come, an immense amount of job openings and the
computer science industry will continue to advance ahead planning for its
future again.



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