Why are Science and Mathematics important?

-Words by Kartikey Joshi

Science and Math
are the life and blood of the future!

It is nothing but an image of the truth.
It is the definition of creativity, the hope that there is better.

There are not enough words to describe the importance of science and mathematics since our existence. We would be no different from animals, were it not for the favours of science on us.

Math and Science go hand in hand or as they say “Math is the gate and key to Science”.
Math teaches us to believe that there is a solution to every problem while science compels us to find it.

Literally everything we see around is a gift to us from science or math. You might have wondered why math and science are included in your school curriculum from the very beginning.
Well, that is because they are so important.

Science gives us a reason for every activity going on around us.
About What, Why and How? It helps us to see the bigger picture, a better view of the world.

It has left its mark in all fields of life be it entertainment, healthcare, transportation, defense, etc. Science not only helps us understand things but it help us to become smarter and better. It improves our decision making and analytical abilities.

A lot of innovation and discoveries are being done in every field of science and we need to learn the foundations of science to understand the world we are headed to.


Without Math, Science is just a philosophy.

It is just the idea which still needs to become reality. Mathematics or number science is the tool we use to turn things from abstract to materialistic.

From a simple sum of two numbers to the Riemann’s hypothesis, Math is a vast sea that still needs to be explored. Math also helps us to improve our analytical as well as our problem solving and number crunching skills.

Not only in Science, but Math is an essential skill in finance and commerce fields the world. Every branch of life that deals with numbers need to be good at Math be it a school to the busy cabins of the Wall Street.

Having a good grasp on numbers helps us make sense of finances, probabilities, time calculations, etc. There are a ton of reasons why human anatomy is a pretty decent thing to know, and an understanding of basic mechanical physics tends to be a good idea in a world where we operate high-velocity 2-ton machines down interstate highways.

Studying math and science is an exercise in accepting the unintuitive. Material is easy when it’s intuitive, but the really fun stuff happens when we leave that comfortable world.

So we can see that how Science and Math continue to make our lives easier and better and a world without it cannot be imagined. Today’s science is the technology of the future.
With the knowledge of Science blended with the power of Mathematics human race will continue to unravel the mysteries of the universe!

Importance of Learning Math & Science

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